Agile BIM

Use BIM with agile methods

Bricks is an online collaboration app designed by architects to reinvent Architecture design and BIM with an Agile approach.

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Use Agile approaches in your construction projects

Agile approaches like Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban are used by thousand of companies and startups around the world and revolutionized the way to build software. The good news is that they can be used in architecture and construction too and integrated in your BIM workflow!


Agile collaboration app for Architecture & Construction

Discussion by Topic

Structure the project discussion by topics. Get project history and reduce email noise.

Kanban board

Follow the progression in a visual way from To Do to Done. Prioritize with a global mindset.

Table and reports

Review many topics on a single table. Export pdf reports easily for team members.

Teams discussion

Create teams to share only with the people you need to and make the discussion more efficient.

Progress Stats

Track progression from sprint to sprint. Get a global view of the work status.

Agile sprints

Organize your work in short iterations. Motivate your teams and adopt an agile organization.

Tasks and estimations

Create tasks to clarify the work to be done. Estimate complexity to improve forecasting.

Questions and answers

Set which comment is the best response to a discussion. Easily find what is the last decision.

BCF Import

Import BCF files from other BIM software to follow up their resolution.

Espace de travail commun en architecture

Discuss project design in a shared workspace

Consolidate the project discussion in a shared workspace where you can share the same level of information with all team members. Clarify the discussion, reduce emails clutter and save time for a better project design.


Multiple screens / Unified project discussion


What is Bricks?

Bricks community

Join Bricks beta and help us build the dream collaborative platform for Architecture & Construction. Let's adopt Agile BIM and revolutionize the way we design architecture thanks to agile collaboration.